Karl-Ferdinand-Broll-Straße 2-4. D-35638 Leun-Biskirchen
Karl-Ferdinand-Broll-Straße 2-4. D-35638 Leun-Biskirchen


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We have been here for you for 28 years!

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Since opening in 1995, a diagnostic and therapeutic Parkinson's center has been established in the city of Leun.

The leitmotif of our clinic is humanity and medicine.

The center consists of the following units:

Gertrudis Clinic Biskirchen

Gertrudis Private Clinic

Special outpatient clinic for movement disorders (Parkinson outpatient clinic)

The clinic is a privately owned neurological specialist hospital specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's disease and related clinical pictures. It has 120 beds for those with statutory and private health insurance, those entitled to benefits and self-payers from all over Germany and abroad.

It is located in Hesse, in Leun-Biskirchen, near Wetzlar, Weilburg and Limburg.

It was opened in a new building in 1995 and bears the name of the blessed Gertrudis.

Gertrudis was abbess at nearby Altenberg Abbey and is the patron saint of the sick with a strong local tradition

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